How to Find all stored procedures referencing a table object in Database

Sometime as a database developer or DBA, we need to find all stored procedures in a database in which a specific table is being used. We can get this important information with the help of sys.objects and syscomments system objects.

Following is the query to retrieve name of all stored procedure using table object of name “Customer” in Selected Database.

IN SQL Server 2000

Select Distinct, O.type_desc

from sys.objects O Join syscomments C

on O.object_id =

where C.text like ‘%Customer%’


IN SQL Server 2005

Select, O.type_desc

from sys.objects O

Where OBJECT_DEFINITION(O.object_id) like ‘%Customer%’

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I am Ashish Jain, a software engineer by profession. My goal of creating this blog is to share my knowledge of SQL server with all other SQL enthusiasts and also to learn from them.
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